Jess Curtis/Gravity

The Way You Look (at me) Tonight


“It’s an eclectic, provocative and often fascinating view of the capabilities of the human form, of social perceptions, and of how far the art of dance can be pushed.”
– The San Francisco Chronicle

“I have never been so transfixed.”
– The Glasgow Guardian

“Walking into a dance rehearsal, one doesn’t expect to see a philosophy professor rolling on the floor doing contact improvisation. But when the choreographer is Jess Curtis, it’s best to expect the unexpected.”
– The San Francisco Chronicle

“The evening was a thought-provoking, thought-challenging experience that left me more aware of my preconceptions about myself and about others, and prodded me to choose my thoughts more carefully.”
– Leigh Donlan, Ballet to the People

“Here is where we start to get a glimpse of how philosophy and choreography really do work together… to imagine other possible ways of being and understanding.”
- Andy Horowitz, CultureBot

Jess Curtis/Gravity