Berlin Creation Period, Potsdam, Liverpool Previews and Berlin World Premiere

10/25/10 – Uferstudios – Studio 2 – First day back

Jörg not arrived yet.  Loaded into studio and did individual sessions with Claire and Maria. Still waiting on second box of props and costumes.  Studio is big, warm and beautiful.  Such a pleasure to be able to work here.  Fresh sound system, fresh Marley floor ( hope we don’t fuck it up too much). Still a bit of construction going on as they are still hanging the trusses for lights etc.

Claire session 1pm – 3pm

Worked on Claire’s Virtual Reality Hands solo.  Finally got to talk more about what she is doing there, working with her ‘butoh’ warm-up. moving, but interrupting as soon as a pattern becomes recognizable, she begins with thumbs, then moves to fingers and up arms until includes whole body.

I asked her to vary speed more, notice when an action associated to some realistic activity and interrupt this as well.

Worked with taking more time and letting some things really slow down.  Overall quality should remain somewhat frantic though, or maybe more like rapid with skill born out of familiarity.

also to notice, play withand interrupt symmetry.

IN play with crutches play between.  Crutch as object, Crutch as extension of self, Crutch as supportive elelment of the environment, Crutch as manipulator of the environment.

Once she begins to open out into space stay 3 dinmensional.  Careful about pulling both crutches off floor. Can still return to sitting on one at any time.

 slowing down and working with these variation this began to last 15 minutes


Worked with stuffing clothes. Not as interesting as fat suit which has built-in theatricality and simplicity. Asked Daniela to build another fat suit.

Worked with Roller skates. Especially interesting to work without letting them roll, so they become strange vestigial appendage.  Going to floor nice. Walking and building up to a run is nice.  Rolling floor work works.  could make ballet, en-pointe reference, but Maria not so interested.  I kind of like as silly reference.

Need to fix skate brake pads.


Had a nice class to begin the day.  5 students.

Maria, Claire, Bridge, Matthias, Daniela and then Yoann were all there.

Started with Remedial Curtis technique, working with porprioception, then did 30 minute observing exercise.  Would have gone longer but Matthias had to catch a train.

Then took a break.

Then we did a 30 minute say what you’re doing improv.  Nice sequence.  I am lazy,  The glove is disgusting, wonder

Keepers –

Boxing Gloves on Crutches

Elk Skull on Crutches

Elk Skull anywhere.

Maria and Claire in old Rigging Harnesses and Skates and Crutches.

Notes for Daniela

We need some kind of chalkboard.  And, or something for Maria to rehearse with(big paper pads and markers?)


Waking up this morning anxious and troubled.  Not sure how to work exactly in this moment.  All of a sudden the status and PR investment we have poured into the installations feels a bit like a trap and I am feeling pressure that they should somehow be entertaining on a level I had not worried about before.  Thinking about format and duration and should we have a score.  How free should it be for improvising?  Is it valid just to do everything longer?  All these questions.  Scaring the shit out of me a bit.

I have to say that I kind of like this troubled morning state somehow though. Feels like a growing engagement with the actual creation of the piece that is more interesting than waking up worrying about the visa applications.  More interesting problems to solve.

Today’s Projects

Maria on Chalkboard/ lipsynch song

Claire with Objects



Time for Music at 4?

Impro – Open Set?gjk


Working more physically is theme.  Maria leads through shaking warm-up etc.

I lead through Manipulation duets.

We make moves as though being manipulated.  combine into phrase.


Claire and Bridge as back-up singers with Claire hand/arm movement.

Jess on Walker – Claire calling ‘faker’

Jess – head stand in toilet, balancing with–talk through

Maria working in chalk board

Irene Notes –

he tennis ball with the crutches: Hockey (Le crutch), golf, billiards, tennis.

- Duet J+B= J playing with the walker: turning, exploring it, balancing it, making it more comfortable…

B Poses-dance in his side

- J talking mic:

1. About the process, ideas, "I always talk a lot during the process but anything seems interesting enough to go to stage"

2. About broadcast, Facebook, dancing, talking

3. About his father and his situation(he needs help to move). connection with the walker. M+C talking on top words that rime: faker, talker, -er,

- B dancing with the music with the head covert with the T-shirt

- M+C duet dancing class: kind of unison rehearsing classical dance steps

- J Making shadows on the projection on the wall. Small movement sequence walking in a line

- M+C+B Singing "Where did the love go". M is the main voice, B+C accompanying. There are parts of the song where they don't know the lyrics.

- M writing on the board. going to the mic and trying to talk, after the 3rd try the mic is on and she reads what she wrote- playing also with the order.

- J rolling on the floor and doing the moved-dance phrase and putting enphasi on some movements with a repetition. There is a connection with the music

- C+B duet standing.back up singers / harms-dance and gradually taking it into the hole body

- image: J headstand on the toilet with the walker, the paper (blackboard) hanging referring his shape, M facing the wall with the blond wig, C in the other side of the room headstand on the crutches, Mth talking in German


- What is an honest dance?

- sift from action to making a landscape: Action-image-let it resonate

- Where are common physicalities?

- Potential in the misunderstanding


worked with Maria on “ Contemporary Dance.”  She is in resistance mode and won’t go with any of my first suggestions, variation of Say what you do.

I realize I am mostly pretty happy with how this material looks as she improvises her way across the stage anyway, but keep trying. Partly responding to her desire to ‘be directed”.  Translation she wants to be directed but in the very particular ways she understands as ‘being directed.’ What I ask of her is apparently not directing, and only freezes her own process.  this reminds me so much of last project with Sara and Contraband.  I am a little sad to acknowledge that this feels like the last thing we will do together.  Working like this is not that fun or useful, although if you can hang in there and keep your sanity and use what comes up on the right way, it can produce very strong work. (Mira Cycle II)

Maria repeat as punctuation insolo

Work with Bridge on ‘presence’.

Work with Bridge and Claire on arms as duet.


First day with Jörg.  Claire, Bridge and Matthias all there. 

No Maria

Mira, Daniela, Irene also there

Clarie led session with crutches – ended with subtle improv from corners all executing “Contemporary crutch technique.”  Spinal meditation at corners and then approach gradually building up speed/frequency.


Chaotic day beginning in new studio space.  U-bahn gesperrt and Maria sick.   Did Sensing work with Bridge Claire and Jörg (Subject/Object) and worked on first section as 1 hour installation score.

Video Notes

2:10 Don’t need space man here maybe?

Guillermo could appear on Matthias computer as well?

Bridge still too much.  Less n general and not affected.

Claire stairs good.  Start with normal stairs though.

B – No dancing for a long time. Just be present in your body.

Claire –Yes eventually both sides.

Daniela/Claire Object arrangement design

11:20 Claire Second trip

Bridge Kneeling/looking good – yes Be patient

Mannequin in mirror cool.

Matthias entrance good – Carry more??

‘A day’ as dramaturgy

Face cover is too tricky, need to se your eyes and face here. Or the object needs to be more special.

‘neutral’ costumesneed to be set.  changing, not in center.

No choreography.

Eyes/Sensing/ Beign Present.  all the objects are precious.  fold and place.

We all need to see each other a bit more.  Be available to eye contact.

Jörg Fridge is good.

B- Wall, focus on the feeling with your hand it is not a side issue the touch should lead you through the objects.  not about showing the hand.  Do less, Feelmore Hand should be the center not the periphery.

Reading???  thinking is Moving – Like this text, Micro phone?

Fridge should be upstage.

B- Walk aroundfridge is good, but I need to feel the motivation in your senses.

Pointing up not it.  or needs to be really specific.

Claire- Could hit me harder if this comes up again.  or bonk on head.

B- with Globe good,  want to see more detail in your fingers.

M and J – Spacing (Generally all is to much to SR)  What was this interaction.

B- See you searching.   need your face.  the Gender discourse needs to be a little simpler at first. This section should be more ‘male’  Moustache ad glasses.  don’t try so hard.


Red Riding Hood

Good work with Bridge, pulling her back into simple.  Red Riding hood becomes something


Claire as part of this

End on fridge??

Silly and fun Lion Balances and Bridge as ring master.

40 minute run through from “in dreams” through bike and dance section. 

Hard day - Maria suggested maybe she needs to drop out of project.

Budget is somehow a little fucked.  I am tired.

Video notes: Try Fridge USR

Where does Bridge sit?  Already CS on Floor?

Jörg should be dressing during song and come through the audience.

Bridge dance in Center?  Is this a place for choreography?

Jess walking with Walker?

Re learn Tactus

Bridge – socks? Shoes? don’t cover with left shoulder. Move back but don’t turn away.  The sit is too formal.  Jörg touch return I s good.

Low level reach and hand grab is great. How do we get Jörg to the floor.  Box is too blow job I think.

Where do we dress?

Bridge either transition to Lion Tameer in center

Maria enter as Lion. soon. Hold space.

Maria writes on Chalk Board the lyrics to “The man I love” and pulls down her pants.

Maria removes words from the song.

Maria describes actions

Interogates actions in the space

Does she have a voice?


What are potential long images?  Could lions have a whole section of their own and interact with both Claire and Bridge (me or Matthias??)

What if everyone picked one look to be in for a whole hour?


Improv Run - Third section material.

Bridge in Mirror yes

Jörg hanging clothes yes

B- Godzilla not it.  Still too much motion.

Ekain isgreat with Matthias

J- Walker slow with gazing – needs “ faker acknowledgement.

Bridge – what would relation to Godzilla be.

Tulip song not here.  I don’t understand any of the words.

Bridge on Podest is good

Stilness is nice

J- toilet head.

Jörg Dance as blue man in gloves

Maria still still

Everyone dancing to ‘Light My Fire” is good again.

Jörg Parcours yes

Maria Jörg in corner

Je- speaking about image

Matthias interviews

Fallen is ‘cheesy’

Development of the work

Ekain beats yes

Maria dances

Everyone dances,  Chalkboard in center as divider.

Nice dancing Bridge

Trying to get on Fridge

Maria -Lip Sync Bach?

Maria down with Pants down. Skates Down at End.

Brdge in Final section?  Become Girl?

‘Making of’ Video


Photos with Sven today on Location. One at a time excursions with him out to Wedding locations for staged photos with each persona.


Video Notes from First Half Run

Floor spacing good.

Recording good

Foil yes

Still simpler Bridge, Don’t do just see and hear and reorganize the body to support that

Bridge face covering not.  Dressing center? not sure.  Until you have changed hold back on performing?  No choreography. here.

SaveBridge technique for Silver girl.

See, be seen, change into a costume.

Maria chalkboard needs to be down.

Maria meditation is not it yet.  need you visually present.  You disappear behindthe balustrade.

Bridge changing not in corner.  The costume change is the dance.  Yes at mirror. Moustache immediately.

Bridge yes to touch.  Maria should be down and available for this. Yes to Glasses and what that does to your vision and touch relationship. Think of giving your self a feldenkrais session. Touching also the space and the objects. the glove needs to lead you into the space. 

Jess could wait longer for switch to mannequin.

Really missing roller skating here.

Bridge back and forth from me to Mannequin is good.

39:00 Would like the Käse music or something uptempo about here.

43:00 mddle of Käse

In Dreams – Jess sounding??

Why are we all stuck right?

Jörg could come to me with arm

Bridge not repeat with ∆örg’s foam. need to find own object.. and it’s OK to leave space here.  Come up??


Shadows against wall are nice, strange. distorted body.

bridge stillness in dark is good.

need Maria in space.

Counterbalance walk with underwear on legs is good.

Bridge pull pants down?

Blow job?

work this duet if it makes you happier.

counterbalances, touch, penises, soft manipulations, contact

Could this go straight into Lions?  Maria enter?

Can glasses stay on?

Video Notes 2nd Half came in here

Bridge and Jörg Moustaches minimal

Bridge something about dancing, need to find more interesting quality here. and your own objects.

Video solos like during big music.

Bridget this dance is not it here.

Br- when lost Center is not the place to hang out.

Could have been an improv based on one of the choreographies here.

Problem is going from Jörg straight to ∆örg.

We just need to set the Red riding hood sequence and end with the glove in Jörgs teeth and his becoming an animal.

Yoann what are you thinking here for projection??  Strange close up obects in black and white are great.  Object close ups?? hThis contrast stuff needs to be full stage.

19:58Bridge stay simple, stay with audience.

Space man needs much more time alone.

Bridge the dress needs a physicality, but not this one. and should stay away much longer.  Would rather have you still than this.

Yoann Bodies on Mannequin is really freaky good

Jess needs towel.

Maria and Jörg should be alone and could start much later. More DS after cycling is finished.

Bridge in audience?  Show Lee Bowery book?

Claire in tub

Jess shuffling how loud is it really?  Maybe too much.

Jörg and Maria Duet can be silent?

Tulip is weird here I think.

Duet should get full focus

Mobile quote? I like it here. Are we allowed to quote ourselves from other pieces.

Does this need to end here?

Interview should go after Light My Fire


2nd Half Run thru -Video Notes

Bridge Good – Hand to pocket

B and Jrg Copy Score big yes.

Jörg neutral here?  Leave Flower for strip in first half.

BR- Pointing habit not necessary. at each other good.

respnse to kiss? male? female?

Sit on toilet?

Transition to Lion Tamer can take longer.


Work mechanics of blocks – too close together.

 Br- Work on swagger.

Set up lights as circus ring.

Bridge costume??  Shirt?  Pants?  Tape on Tits?

Maria- Shiny pants??

Don’t play only to front.

Animal quality is great.

Where is Claire through all of this.

Matthias more heroic??

Fridge light?

Lions End

How do we transition?

Go to full empty stage except for bike.

New Music for Claire Should precede Claire.

Maria in matter of fact body should come later.  Let Magic space exist first.

Jörg as lion remaining is nice.

Not sure foil as space girl reads: Would need to be lit.

 Focus on lights after Godzilla?

Too much neutral body in the middle Mariathis should wait til later in Claire –

make JM Duet in House facing other way.

Don’t begin so soon. Sit but wait until Claire is finished with Lights.

Jess Cuddle with Claire?

Bridge in Audience Make dance with someone on other side.

Jess/Claire find Space man Cyclist Dance.

make 3 ‘touching’ Duets

44:20 Like this music Matthias.  Jangly strings.

Coming to boxes is somehow nice but could also be ‘edge of pool’.

M&J stillness

What object does silver Girl Resonate with?

What is her reltion to ‘the couple’  to the wigs?Does she get in between and confuse things??? Get involved spatially or in contact with them?


to the mannequin?

Recapture Choreo for Light my fire.


Claire shadow/morror boxing good.

Bridge, make this dance in and out of floor. or be a ghost that comes to softly touch everyone.

Inhibit frontal focus.

Jess begin falls slow. 

Maria to Mic here?

Jess_ Spiral fall dance is

Jörg Trumpet in Audience?

Trying to connect to Claire.

Matthias I like the medical sound.

Maria nice mannequin move to replace you at Board

 Still want your voice here.

Claire and Constructed Body is missing


Run through of Installation - Video Notes

Floor good – Br-Opening is flat on back neutral not sleep position.

10:00All good to here

Daniela – Presentation of objects??

Claire -Cushions dampening movement interest??

14:00Gazing Apparent –Bodies moving, good

Bridge Hat or Not?  Reveal?

Jörg Broom good

20:00J. M. B, still sitting – I’m imagining you are all seeing audience. Eyecontact possible.

22:00Bridge still formal – not casual head scratches in center.

Don’t undress sitting/center. Wearing tights? Socks?  Should have shoes to start.

Maria Good reveal of clothes.

Keep seeing during dressing.


Claire Godzilla should be from beginning in Audience I think.

Jörg parcours balance is nice. Why second T-shirt? should become Blue man sooner??

Bridge two gloves. and keep them on.

30 is dying.

Bridge feel Maria more (not literally) and sooner ( literally)  Need to see the struggle to make contact. touch yourself is fine when alone, but when you are both there it needs to get between you.

36:00 - Jörg – Think you shoud already be in shorts for the big jump

38:00 – Bridge with Maria – Definitely both hands need gloves

39:00 like this build in sound.

Space should stay light.

42: 00 Maria video with Guillermo Text is good. here.

Bridge on Box movement.?? Less more living statue. More spine, Pelvis knees.

Bridge, don’t like socks shoes or feet.  shoes I think.

video Figures with Bridge on box good. Is light reduction necessary here for video figure is better on screen with skeletons.

Hand over hand score possible here? 

50:00 Feels long here. Bridge.

54: 00 Is Chair blocking Claire?  Claire could come center with Crutches

Bridge fold my cock back or ask me to.

When in doubt more light. Area light unless the video needs to be revealed.

Maria – the man I love?? Why not writing this??

58: 00 Matthias all the cello is getting plink plonky.

1:00 - Bridge – Chair should go back to desk after Mannequin

What if you just repeat Käse several times and then fuck it up?

Bridge??? – Sitting would be OK at table, tolet or tub. Some traveling hereand work with Jörg on foam trickwith Gloves,  don’t take of gloves lightly.

Claire crawling in walker is great.

tony/jess spike light focuses.

Bridge – Clap would work with both gloves.

Yoann – Jorg face on tower good.  think sound not.


Jörg -  what if you went straight to wall. with flower penis and Bridge joined you there.

1:29 big hole.  Yes to Jørg and Bridge at the wall here straight away.  Yes to bridge stay in the bathroom more.

Like the Music here.Distorted cello and voice, coul continue

Bike ride at 1:23

Yoann - Video Patterns on floor are verynice.

Bridge go to wall with Jörg first and join Claire later?

Tght spot on Claire for hands – Claire could you face opposite way

1:30 etc. Matthias – Like the distorted guitar over the the ukulele

Should go straight to wall Jörg if it’s in this order.

Cut profiler off floor for Claire hands thing.

What if Bridge was packing the Bunny.

Claire would be nice if Hands were happening in the house/square already

Yoann Hand video yes.

1:40this noise is too much.  or?

 1:45 – Lions

Bridge – ‘Hup’ and less.

follow spots here. Irene and

Matthias just press the button on this. and cut

do the whole thing in the corner at the fridge with lights around and to music.

Bridge don’t over macho this. more matter of fact.

2:03 Spaceman

Fridge needs to be plugged in and should have some color.

Yoann – head projection on space blanket here? at beginning? or follow spot on space blanket.

Claire can you see/ circle face.  set the place with Yoann SL let Claire come to that

Faces as background light is great. maybe not text sound though.


Would be magical if we could control the on off consistently

Jess Close fridge??? yes

Still ness in dark is nice.

FS – need Light on couple?


Keep it facng in and really DS until you need to move to get clothes.

Less joke on knee pad etc.

wigs first thing

Improv is fun, trust it but keep it about each other. and more in proximity.

2:38 Rhythm sound not bad (tambourine.

Bridge work against the rhythm.

good ending at Fridge recalls lions.

Bridge feel the weight of the horns, let that be thae dance not just the picture on top of your normal dance.

2:43 Toilet Head.

Claire need to get in Tub here?



Light – Good with Flourescents at opening

20;00 First Move, Me –

22:00Jörg on rail - Light shift? Add stage lights?

Bridge Great at Mirror with hat off.

26:00 Jörg with Audience Dance 

Light – Good catch of Bridge. etc.

Jörg Thanks for T-Shirt and Shorts.  Good Arm timing.

Fun Arm interaction

32:00 Light Feels dark Missing front?

37:00 Bridgegood- Dcan Foreshadow lion a little , Contact dance through your hand with the difficulty of the Glove.  the trace is great actually, leave it in more planes.  No rush to come back and sit.  feel the space.

Nice Chalkboard dance Maria.  Doesn’t have to face front.

Better Sculpture dance bridge – Feel your insides and your joints. feel the inside of your clothes.  Feel Matthias – While he plays. Need theme more.  Butch vs. Femme???    De Croux Etude?? Wish you had the bunny in.

MatthiasWhat is flavor with Bridge? Could be more melodic

Bridge Make me hide my cock.

Nice Flower dance Jörg Müller

Nice Skate attack Maria

41:00 – 55:00 Not completely sold on cello here this whole way.

 55:00 Kåse is welcome energy and makes good things happen.

Even if it’s fucking up.  Rewind it if it needs to be longer

Bridge play with Bunny in tub? 

SRFresnel When I go to Mirror.

1:02Jörgcould be more onstage, nice shadows be in front of mirror.

Fresnel off when I finish

Can’t find the right focus for side shadows for Jörg and

What is Bridge doing here?

1:06 Nice freeze and shift to bright light Tony (end of song.)

1:08 I like this sound Matthias –

Light - Fresnel Focus??? Let yoann work with projection.

Begin Follow spot focus on Claire (also on Maria still?)


Bridge Keep Bunnyand do the score.

Claire House Square is nice but if it fucks you up you can  save it til Bridge leaves

1:10 Yaonn Mannequn good what is floor content. outlines are great figure and had on poster.

1:15 tony Once it’s this Dark stay -  just bring special on Claire and maybe Maria (very tight.

Bridge, take more time with Jörg, this was very short, more time to leave Jörg and see Claire, find Claire, join small andstay between her and Mannequin US and a little behind.  Light will be different.

Daniela/Irene: Clean the Mirror

Tony this should all just be dark, specials and projections.

1:19 Don’t need to rush transition to lions Maria and Jörg -  Could watch the projections and Claire and Bridge for 10 more minutes.

¥oann. Faces big on wall are nice Patterns and mannequin and poster projection

How small will Irises on profilers go.  Don’t need so big so much on floor in front of them.

I want to try Morricone for lions tonight on Bridge’s entrance.

Bridge take the time to shape the arc from Bike.  Good physicalityBridge stay in light.  Hup with energy

Tonysplit follows now (nce on boxes) one for lions one for bridge.

Definitely Morricone   too much undercut dryness here.

11/18/10 -First Installation with public - Notes from Inside

This was definitely a new record for smallest audience for me.  I have done improves in tiny studios for more people.  I think the word is out that we are having problems and the installation moniker is confusing to people.  I think we had 7 paying customers last night.  Luckily everyone else on the crew and add up to about 10 people so we at least get to perform for someone.  But OUCH.  Maria was pissed off and wouldn’t even respond to reach outs.  I hope that can get better.

Video Notes

Matthias Shaman- Maybe book end this.

Bridge – good stage tour – Should still begin with Maria, although I really liked the pat down at the table.

Yoann – Can face on Chalkboard just be Maria?  Each person projection a trace in the space where they mostly work?

Tony – Spot on Maria already when she is writing before lipsynch

Skating in li[psych is great – great in general

Yes to this slo mo moment after song

Jess – remember re-focus of light.

Yoann Projection on Jörg’s tower?   Jörg and Bridge faces on wall when they are there? Or maybe no face right then.  Jörg face is good – MoustacheCould you somehow blend with Bridge?

I miss some of our objects in these patterns on floor

Tony- more light on Claire during hand dance.  All the way through,  She should be most visible thing here.  Light should stay on her until she builds house.  Lions can stay mysterious longer.

Bridge open fridge more.

Tony – light only on Maria not on board very tight and more on Claire.

Matthias take the spot light for Hupa song.

Tony flat light during after song??

Yoann – Claire face as moon from up left to down right to floor

Claire stay on your face..

Bridge balnce points for skull dance. What is the skull searching for, really listen to it.

Parade is great.   Should I wait a little longer to come in or wait at fridge?

Yoann   can’t see karaoke projection right away can we get it sooner and on the skeletons

Bridge Let’s think through the path of the skull –

leave skull for Light myfire. 

Come back to get it for beat music.

Bridge stay off the beat bend your knees think spiral.

Jörg yes to lying on Gurney.

jess last dance with Walker??  Out of balance dance?

Claire you can hit me much harder.  Bridge fend off with Horns?

Yoann – me dancing projection with skeletons??

Yoann -Maria at board at end.

Daniela fix fridge


Second performance run of Installation at

Small house but nice. 

Video’d tonight? (Don’t remember)


Third night – good run – all tired.

David Elliott arrived.


Fabrik Potsdam Residency week

11/22/10 –

Load out Transport to Potsdam

Monday Night Talk –

Need plan –   Good talk

Scary,  people want to know what everything means and want things more simple.  How do we compress those three hours into a stage length show.

Rehearsal 11/23/10

2-4  PM Work on last section

Maria & Jorg from audience,

Me and Claire,

Bridge in the audience with horns.


Toilet into Light my fire/ Light my fire dancing

Maria Writing on Board w/ Jörg on cart?

 Jörg play trumpet from laying down????at end??

Do I talk over music or in between

Click Track Ekain

Music for Falling Dance

Yoann Dancers in skeletons, but same size as skeletons

Here should be Bridge and Claire with horns and gloves.

What my relation to each of the women??

Final Image???

Bach Song as Epilogue

Installation Score

Section 1

Claire, Object Delivery, 

Crutch Sculptures,

Hand Improv, Hands with Bridge,

Slow Crutch


Floor, Yellow Girl, Bridge Interaction, Skating, Writing,

Section 3A

Maria and Jörg –


problematic heteronormativity

Section 3B


This is kicking my ass.

Maria Book under table is nice

Matthias Light and sparser through Jörg Müller

Bridge to box after Jög to Jess

Maria and Bridge both touch audience.

Jess and Jörg Arm stuff to get to Mannequin

Bridge Pose is nice

What is Maria doing?

Maria Swing on Rope

 Maria’s face on board good

Jörg balance with shadows good

Matthias brings block good.

Maria video out when Maria begins to write.

Video Order from last Saturday

30:00Matthias up last,  All Dressing

33:00 Matthias Ukulele music

34:00Jörg to Ritual Rest still Dressing

37:00 Jörg finished Ritual, Jess book to Matthias

38:00 Bridge to Maria

39:00 Bridge leaves Maria

40:00 Jörg center with Arm

40:30 Matthias start talking piece, but not too dense

Maria and Bridge both in touch land.

43:00 ∆örg finishes arm sequence

44;00 Jörg meets Jess for Arm stuff

45:40 Bridge on Maria Again

46:00 bridge pulls Maria around

47:00 Bridge releases Maria (could go to Käse now)

Davis version (for comparison)

14:00Jess up last to dressDavid stays center

15:25 Jörg finishes ritual

18:30 Jörg to center with arm, David to dressing

20:30 David at Maria, Jörg at Jess

22:30 Käse begins

23:00 Jörg Dresses, Dvid does Jess/Mannequin, Claire on Crutches, Maria Skates

25:00 Asian Music Jorg balances cylinder

25:30 Drums goes to Maria Circles

26:00 Horns maria pullsClaire

27:00 Mariafalls

27:30 - Jörg tower balance, Claire Hands, Maria writes, David Comes to Claire

28:00 Käse EndsPanzer begins

28:30 Jörg starts strip. Quiet Orbison begins

29:00 David arrives at Claire.



Proposal for Today for opening section

0:00Matthias up last,  All Dressing

3:00 Matthias Ukulele music

4:00Jörg to Ritual Rest still Dressing

7:00 Jörg finished Ritual, Jess book to Matthias

8:00 Bridge to Maria

9:00 Bridge leaves Maria

10:00 Jörg center with Arm

10:30 Matthias start talking piece, but not too dense

Maria and Bridge both in touch score.

13:00 ∆örg finishes arm sequence

14;00 Jörg meets Jess for Arm stuff

16:00 bridge pulls Maria around

17:00 Bridge releases Maria (could go to Käse now)

Käse begins

18:00 Jörg Dresses, Bridge does Jess/Mannequin, Maria Skates Claire on Crutches,

19:00 Asian Music Jorg balances cylinder, Bridge to boxes

20:30 Drums goes to Maria Circles

21:00 Horns maria pulls Claire

22:00 Maria falls

23:30 - Jörg tower balance, Claire Hands, Maria writes, Bridge Comes to Claire ??

24:00 Käse EndsPanzer begins

24:30 Jörg starts strip. Quiet Orbison begins

25:00 Bridge???( arrives at Claire.


Proposal works

Second Session – Worked Bridge and Jörg in Red Riding Hood section went back to old David Toole version with bunny reveal

Then into Lions.

(I think it was this day that Matthias brought his whip and I moved him into the ring master role.   Was such a relief the whip made everything work.)

Then worked -Hapa

Video Notes –

David -Poster too light, or too warm, No columns in opening cue,  still needs more flat feel.  we are too pretty.

Tony - End of house music is our signal for beginning, needs to be precise.

Matthias/Tony no breathing should be after 3 minutes and followed by

Claire come on first sound. come through lights.

David Slower fade in on lights after Claire, Matthias make second track for ccrickets

Music stand in first dark cue.

Level on volume on first vocal track

Claire a little sooner Crickets too soon or Claire too late.  More music for her to exit.

David --Little slower restore on crickets

Set Level on Crickets it was too high.

How to get Claire back sooner.  minute is too long.

Claire take Godzilla to tub at the end.

Gaps too long Viktor should be helping more.

Someone could get up sooner. me go to table on second

Claire – Some kind of more direct interactions after tambourine (ruffle my hair) suit to Maria

Bridge – Un Dressin front of mirror           

25:00 light on Matthias

Matthias – presence Wig sooner??  Let us hear a little bit of the words

Jörg – Come quicker to me when you come.

Too much slo mo walking – Bridge can also be direct.

Light on me and Jörg for Arm.

Käse needs to change more sooner.  35:00 specials and Blue getting darker all the way to roy Orbison.

Maria Skate more center everything is on edges.

Bridge stay on one block.

Maria hit me from side or back.

Jörg come straight to tub

David - need tub bfront light in first riding hood cue.

Music is only arriving at the end of the scene.

Bridge let your hands build to meet and discover Claire.

Yoann Cheerleader here is great.

Really I want the Tactus Dei with Claire singing.  could Claire improvise on a Drone.

Matthias what if went straight to guitar for red Riding hood and then morricone came out of it.

Bridge you can wait longer before changing

Guitar is way too serious for Lions. 

The lions are ironid and this does not seem ironic at all. 

and the ukulele makes no sense if the without the Morricone stopping too soon.

Lions should leave, this trying to sing is not working in the space needs to be something.  Feels like bad amateur hour this way.

2nd Half1:20

Breath sound first as though from Bike. then Music should come with light.  Light could be slower transition.  Music should lead light change Need more music sooner. Claire needs for be ready.     We need to grab them back leadBridge come from Back.

Breath also in toilet head.???

Sooner with light on duet(when Claire lifts up lights?)

Claire stay down after eating lights.

Longer slower fade up (2-3 minutes) after I am off bike.

Jess follow Claire sooner. go faster.

Tony make sure skype is muted.

Light on poster is nice during Maria and Jorg  duet.

Matthias meet Claire at tub or already be there watching Jörg and Maria.

David – Light should stay on in Fridge as long as open.

Bridge stay in audience for beginning of song, then go back into US shadowy area. could you have one of the hands with you at this point. Could you arrive at back of fridge for end of song.

Jess come before end of song, be at Fridge by end of song.

CJess Cut text and just stay in bathroom spin, fall and dance.

Maria fall in spot Jess fall in spot, don’t undress. Bridge lay by desk in special

Jörg lay on Gurney,Matthias on ground next to tub.

Claire get up go to fridge pick up Godzilla and walk away.

David – cut anti blackout and do long slow fade as Claire exits.


Worked lights and sections

Amazing to get to work with tech on this level for the whole week.

Had momentary flip out over laundered feather dress.

David saved the day by making me gout for a beer instead of haning with the rest of the cast.

Tech run


Trimed and tightened. So much happier with new lions and getting the bunny back.

Dress rehearsal

Liking David’s lights a lot.

11/26/10Potsdam Preview

Major relief.  Chopped 10 minutes out of the show from the previous run through. Feels like a show.  Many good responses.  Did it with an intermission through which I cycled.  Sweat a bunch.  New ending. good house. Nice comments after.

Video Notes

What should pre-show music be ? Lynch film references? Other references?

Why did we wait so long to start? Is this the 15 minute light cue?  Let’s start at where this ends.

17:23 House music out.

20:00 Breathing starts

21:00 Music cue.  Light cue should go sooner and first

Can we get more light on Godzilla ?

45:00 Jörg can you dress in a little more light.

46 Maria great timing on gurney take

Matthias on skating sequence??

Claire Crtuch tight rope game??

Jörg should have more light for strip

Really miss front light on Lions (Follow spot or special.)

Maria laugh is good.

1:13 Pause start

1:32 Pause ended

Bridge wait until after Claire for audience interaction.

be on opposite side and back from Jörg and Maria.

Yoann – Claire’s face could get smaller faster.

Jess stay on bike longer, until M& J Stand.

tulip on Jörg’s pants. good

Bridge get to back during Tulip sooner.   Light is more interesting

New Direct path to toilet.

Light my fire dancing is great.

Wigs off is great

fight dance is great

M&Jget to board area sooner.

Jess go to center and then come back to bathroom.

Bridge and Jess Dance longer at end

Maria should have written much more and have time to get Mannequin

Matthias is that recording a particular late.

song is great.

Maria hit the light - mic?

Matthias and Jörg – how to die

Claire leave fridge openas last light?

Matthias computer screen?

Leave in Black until they clap


Great houses here in Potsdam.  After show discussion quite interesting.

Wolfgang Hoffmann doesn’t quite like it.  Says he doesn’t know where to look.


Last night in Potsdam.

Cold and starting to snow

Da Da Fest - Liverpool -Preview


Left Potsdam at night after last show, packed van and drove to Ferry to go to England.  Everything OK with visas and permits at Border.  But we get stuck on the motorway in a giant blizzard and spend the night in the truck.  Arrive much later than planned in Liverpool.


Dead day, we can’t load in here yet.

Could have come a day later. 

This festival is so badly organized.

Theater not at all appropriate.

Multi purpose room style stage, no rise in the seating.



One day for build up in sucky room

Show is nearly canceled when someone finds out there is nudity.

Community center director relents if we do a warning announcement.

Maybe 25 in audience

Mary Prestige there though, nice to meet her.

Show warmly received by the few people who made it here.

We strike and have nice hangout with Marc Brew and partner after the show.


I fly to Bonn  

Matthias and Daniela Drive the truck home.

Everyone else flies.

Reconvene in Berlin in a week and a half.

Uferstudios Studio 14- Berlin World Premiere


Load in- decide on riser set up, dance floor, curtains

Hang and focus

(Crazy Snowing in Berlin)


Build up everything

Space dancing

Tony and Ben Program


12/16/10 - Berlin World Premiere

Show runs well.

Berliners don’t seem to quite get it.

Visual Artists and foreigners love it.


Second night OK

12/18/10 Ufer Studios Performance

Night three decent crowd.

Morale is mixed.

Video Notes

No sound on recording really

Matthias 1 minute breathing

Tony 30 seconds for lights music fade

Claire very long before second pass with objects

was it offscreen?

bridge – light move is your first touch experience.

Claire walker sooner – too in dark

2nd follow spot should be on Jorg w/ roller

Follow spot stay with Maria as she writes.

Great Shadow with Jörg strip dance.

Jörg can you stay longer   wait til “Just before the dawn”

Bridge feel yourself in the tub??

B- How to make the mounting of the tower more of a dance?

Video could come 5 seconds sooner

Can Claire come from upstage door and follow light path to Godzilla?

why did video end??

Matthias center of circle for dressing

Bridge exchange coat for vest then bring hat.

2nd Act

Claire video only on space blanket until Godzilla is placed.

Claire this could all be 20 % faster.  too much long slow and meaningful

Tony –Move video from Space blanket when she turns to Don’t get video stuck on half white and black.

Move bike to center of Balck curtain.

Bring up light on Maria and Jörg with first light lift.

Bridge stay for head stand – then back away, don’t come to spot until I sing.

Tony- 2 bows then black out we stay.  2 bows then we leave.


Andrea Keiz shoots video.

André Therriault and Gabi Beier leave at intermission.

After show - Great Party


Closing night

Good show


Pack up and load out.

Crazy day transporting everything to ship to Miami.

Tony, Ben, Mira and me bust ass to get out of the theater in time.

Finished day in a cab with Mira, lugging major shipping boxes all over town in deep snow.

Finally got it all off though.

Off to America