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Events Upcoming



Events Upcoming



3-13 October 2019 :: San Francisco
U.S. Premiere @ CounterPulse

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World Premiere @ TanzFabrik in the frame of Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz

18-21 July 2019 :: Berlin

18-21 July: Pre-Show Access Tour & Audio Description
19 July: DGS interpretation by Julia Cramer

Pink text saying "Beyond Gravity" and white text saying "29-30 June, 20:00 hours." Light blue text saying "at Uferstudios." The background shows a starry deep blue night sky with images of various Beyond Gravity performers in the foreground.

Beyond Gravity

June 29-30, 2019 :: 8pm @ Uferstudios ST1, BERLIN
June 30, 2019 :: Haptic Access Tour at 7pm & Live Audio

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Witness archetypes deconstructing the whole and experience new ways of being with each other at an imaginary reunion for the unseen past.

An evening of intersectional performances by artists associated with Jess Curtis/Gravity, featuring:
► “Have you seent my teeth?” ◄ A duet between jose e. abad and Gabriel Christian
► From the room beside me ◄ Created and performed by Rachael Dichter and Mira Kautto
► When I think of you you’re naked ◄ Created and performed by Jess Curtis and Rachael Dichter

The Way You Look (at me) Tonight 2019 Spring tour

Workshops & Panels:

20 & 21 April 2019 :: Making Sense of Each Other at Un-Label - Cologne, Germany
Workshop with Jess Curtis and Claire Cunningham

26 - 28 April 2019 :: HfMDK - Frankfurt, Germany
Workshop for students only

3 May 2019 :: Disabled people make more exciting art! - Tanzhaus Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland
Claire Cunningham Panel Discussion

3 May 2019 :: The Way You Look (at me) Tonight: Moving Perspec - Tanzhaus Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland
Claire Cunningham and Jess Curtis Panel Discussion

20-23 May 2019 :: Copenhagen, Denmark - check back for info

Beyond Gravity

Thu-Sat October 25-27, 2018 :: 8PM
@ CounterPulse (80 Turk Street, SF)

Witness legends from a future queer revolution and experience new ways of being with each other at a family reunion for a post-human universe.

An evening of intersectional performances by the artists served by Gravity’s new Artist Services Programs featuring:

Alif is for A(n)nals
A collaboration between jose e. abad, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Gabriel Christian

Set in a future past, where eroticism, spirituality and analplay will reign supreme, Alif is for A(n)nals will edify hungry eyes of the successful uprising mounted by queer guerillas Faluda Islam and Black Bussy, who released the world from Western Imperialism, currency, borders, and heteropatriarchy. This is a retrospective of a revolution.

From the room beside me
A collaboration by Rachael Dichter and Mira Kautto

Playing with inside and outside and hiding in plain site Mira (Helsinki, Finland) and Rachael (San Francisco, US) find ways of being near each other and you, ways of being with. In a space from dreams, or maybe a memory, they ask you to come and join them. To stay close. To stay. To see between the trees.

Lindenau (rifle club) party for the other siblings
Created and performed by Abby Crain

Set in Crain's real and imagined ancestral landscape, Crain stages an awkward family reunion for the forgotten and uninvited.

This is a solo performance that happens in a dance hall. This is a a solo performance that happens in a gun club. This is a solo performance that happens in a muddy river that has slowed to a trickle. This is a high stakes dance that you all need to take part in. Someone said that the fish are all gone. We may serve refreshments.


Friday Oct 26 :: Pre-Show Haptic Access Tour and Live Audio Description by Jess Curtis
Pre-registation required, headsets provided, and pre-show access tour beings at 7pm. To RSVP, call 415-483-5996 or email

Saturday Oct 27 :: ASL Interpretation by Churyl Zeviar

CounterPulse is a wheelchair accessible and friendly space. The building and the theater have no stairs. The bathroom is on the basement floor, there is an elevator to travel down, and there is a large bathroom with grab bars.

High Tea With Gravity

A Fundraiser for Gravity's Artist Services Program

Sunday, September 16 :: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
@CounterPulse, SF

A drag queen writing a memoir, a juicy experimental performer, and a legendary dance psychic walk into a theater… what happens next? Come find out.

Join us for High Tea with Gravity, a fundraiser for Gravity’s Artist Services Programs as a group of artists come together to perform and support a historic performing arts organization.

Nosh, drink, chat and donate to fund Gravity’s efforts to serve our communities through Fiscal Sponsorship, Mentorship, Pop Up Performances, and International Co-Productions and our new Access Services programs. Read more about all our programs by clicking the programs tab above.

Featuring performances by: Monique Jenkinson, Gabriel Christian, Sara Shelton Mann, Rachael Dichter, Antoine Hunter’s Urban Jazz Dance Company, and Jose Abad, and two beautiful dance films by AXIS Dance/Alex Ketley and Marc Brew, with American Sign Language interpretation and live audio description.

Unable to attend the fundraiser by want to donate? Click here and make your contribution


Intercontinental Collaborations #7


July 21 - 22, 2018 :: Making Sense of Each Other at ImpulsTanz in Vienna
Workshop with Jess Curtis and Claire Cunningham

May 18 - 20, 2018 :: Theater Heilbronn - Workshop - Grundlagen der Contact Improvisation