The board was primarily a site for the production of questions, aiming to
awaken in the reader/audience a state of questioning, as it found itself
gazing in multiple directions, decoding writing and actions enacted in the
performance arena.

In fact it became a perverted lecture where personal data and healing work
landed, intertwined with some overall dramaturgical concerns regarding the
work in its entirety. The urgency to sort of "title" the hallucinatory
journey we displayed with a reference to Spinoza, found in an article about
improvisation by Jan Ritsema, who is speaking about an improvisational set
up as place where it is possible "to reach a state of potentiality, a state of
non-productiveness." He also refers to improvisation as a border zone, in
which a certain power resides, because "it cheats in our means of navigation
and compass".

In my notes I found a square with words written inside:

Body=Whole=The entirety=This performative situation is a body. Now, said
this, of what affects is this body capable?

Plus some (now) indecipherable other words:

1) self mutilation = happy people exist in the collective imagination
2) seek of pleasure= in a desolated landscape we think about water
3) balance= misrecognition of death
4) exposure=ecstasy of simple gestures. Death is always in the picture.I
cannot tell yet if it will come in blue, red or grey.

On the board I actually wrote: 

"What can a body do? Of what affects is it capable?"

I then turned this philosophical question into a dialogue, a banal love
affaire. The scenario changes from a reflective reality to a fantasy, a mind
leap, a fiction the fat roller skater dreamer girl affords in her nerdy

She said.
"I respect Spinoza" He replied
"Me too! OMG!!! :o)
"Would you like a drink?"

Then looking at he space and simply describing what my projection was on my
colleagues actions, I would keep writing statements that continued the
affaire story, a sort of chain of fantasies and projections.

They run out of space
He hides in exposure
She sets borders

Then I return to lecture mode sketching a monologue by Slavoj Zizek, found
in a documentary about him titled Zizek!, in which he makes a connection
between quantum physics and the notion of love as we know it, in the
romantic sense.

Love is a structure of imbalance. Particular things appear when the balance
of the void is destroyed. Love is evil.

The text/final questions:

How is the movie called?
What scares you?
Will you come back?
What gives you joy?
What do you believe in?What is the material used?

In the idiotic attitude and nature of the persona I created, I was probably
also manifesting a desire to frame my thinking around performance,
encrypting references dear to me around thinking and performing
improvisation and my strong disposition towards believing in art making as a
healing and transformative experience, both personal and collective.

In the installation version of the piece, the board became a place to play
with a score of question making, a never ending very fast process of turning
sensations and associations present in the room into questions to the
viewer. I did not documentthem.