there was a little girl, her name was tulip
she went to her daddy to help him
to fix all the old worn out clothes,
she was good with the needle and knife

on her way home thenit happend,
she ran in a group of big men,
they forced her to come with them
and in a dark corner they stopped.

you look so scared and freightend poor girl
relax and take your ...

What do you
want from me

we want to play with ...

i'm scared not.

she went down upon her knees
infront of the tallest man.

then she took her knife and she cut off his feet,
stitched them to his head and made them look
like funny bunny bigears

oh my god you crazy girl, i will call the police and they will ...

she cut the balls of the one guy
and stitched them to his eyes he screamed please let me be
she cut the hands of the other guy
she sewed them to his back they looked like angel wings she laughed
she cut the balls off
she made them monsters
monsters made to monster
monsters out of monsters
dick on his forehead